Secockpit, which is fairly unknown in the market keeps pushing out new features for their keyword tool.

New features include:

1. Improved Keyword Export
Exporting now available in different XLS formats plus Excel XML. On top SEcockpit now allows users to export large keyword databases by creating a download feature, which is a nice workaround for all known Excel limitations.

2. Ranktracker
The Secockpit Ranktracker not only works with multiple engines, but also now color codes existing rankings from previous weeks


3. Improved tracking
Users now can change wether they want to track the entire domain, a subdomain, rootdomain and subdomains or just a folder of your domain. “Folder tracking” should be a great feature since it allows the user to track a youtube video, which is something most SEO software vendors don’t support:


4.Local SEO Keyword Tracking
The biggest news from SECockpit is however the ability to track local SEO. A few people have tried this and it comes with great difficulty since it’ll requires some IP masking on the tool end, but it seems that they are the first one that have this nailed down.
What is especially great is the fact, that this works across countries and cities. As a user you are now able to track the ranking of keyword in different areas:

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