Majestic API Upgrades On the Way

Popular Backlinks analytics tool MajesticSeo just announced more features to their tool: New & lost links API Ever wanted to make sure to reach out immediately after losing a links? Use Majestics New / Lost link API               Anchor text API For popular keyword, ..Continue Reading

Raven Link Record Manager

So the Raven guys have integrated their link manager even deeper into their tool: They not only integrated various SEO metrics, but also integrated full link tracking and CRM management. Again Raven shows that their tool is actually a tool to work with and not just software where you pull ..Continue Reading

Screamingfrog SEO Software Review

Overview The Screamingfrog SEO Spider Tool is an interesting new SEO tool that enables you to check out your website as it would be seen through the eyes of a search engine spider. While this can help you build up your site, is it really worth downloading and using, or ..Continue Reading

Internet marketing tools

Making a living in today’s business is a tough challenge, with competing businesses all around. Thus, having the right tools for marketing is crucial if one is to succeed. And fortunately, there are a number of these things out there. It is just a matter of knowing what they are, ..Continue Reading

Majestic SEO

Majestic SEO is a volunteer run link analysis program, and one of the leading efforts of its kind to build its own index of the World Wide Web independent of the major search engine companies. Majestic SEO is currently using this constantly growing index specifically for link analysis purposes, in ..Continue Reading

IBP 10

IBP 10 is one of those Search Engine Optimization (SEO) software platforms  that are used worldwide by a big crowd of SEO industry folks. IBP 10 software is a suite of professional web promotion tools. This promotional tool has won multiple awards for its performance. When used properly this SEO ..Continue Reading


WebLink SEO uses several different tools to detect the content of other websites and improve accessibility of a new or existing site through a search engine. Features: One of the most predominant features of this powerful new product is that it will allow other websites to link themselves to the ..Continue Reading

Keyword Research Programs

Without keyword research, you can’t possibly know which terms you should be optimizing your site for. You need to identify a wide range of terms pertinent to the subject of the site, identify which ones actually have the potential to drive traffic, and further identify which terms are going to ..Continue Reading


OVERVIEW: Click Tracks is a top quality log file analyzer that comes in a remarkably powerful free version. The more expensive versions, along with the hosted versions, can handle the most demanding analytical needs, at a price. Recommended. Five Stars. OUR TAKE “A beautiful interface that anyone can understand. The ..Continue Reading

Submission Software

The golden days of submission software are long behind us. Back in the day, back when Pluto was still a planet and gasoline was fairly cheap, search engines required new sites to be submitted to them. Rapid automated submission of sites and pages within sites could help sites rank more ..Continue Reading