IBP 10

IBP 10 is one of those Search Engine Optimization (SEO) software platforms  that are used worldwide by a big crowd of SEO industry folks. IBP 10 software is a suite of professional web promotion tools. This promotional tool has won multiple awards for its performance. When used properly this SEO package achieves its user Top […]


WebLink SEO uses several different tools to detect the content of other websites and improve accessibility of a new or existing site through a search engine. Features: One of the most predominant features of this powerful new product is that it will allow other websites to link themselves to the site being improved by WebLink […]


OVERVIEW: Click Tracks is a top quality log file analyzer that comes in a remarkably powerful free version. The more expensive versions, along with the hosted versions, can handle the most demanding analytical needs, at a price. Recommended. Five Stars. OUR TAKE “A beautiful interface that anyone can understand. The system only provides the information […]

Submission Software

The golden days of submission software are long behind us. Back in the day, back when Pluto was still a planet and gasoline was fairly cheap, search engines required new sites to be submitted to them. Rapid automated submission of sites and pages within sites could help sites rank more effectively. That’s no longer the […]

PPC Management

Pay Per Click Management Software Pay per click campaigns can get expensive quickly. That’s fine if the PPC search campaigns are generating a positive return on investment. It can be a business killing problem if not. One essential for successful pay per click marketing is tracking and management of the pay per click campaigns. Once […]


OVERVIEW: Links are the key to top rankings in competitive spaces. SEO Elite helps expedite the link building process. A money back guarantee makes a test painless. Four Stars. OUR TAKE SEO Elite 4.0 combines a solid link building program with video training materials and access to a members only SEO forum. As you begin […]

IBP9 SEO Software

IBP9 provides tools for the entire search engine optimization process, from first searching for keywords to checking the ranking of the completed site over time. It features 7 professional tools in one software program. 1. The Top 10 Ranking Optimizer tool 2. The next generation search engine submission tool 3. Submit to Internet directories semi-automatically […]