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We’ve looked at Brightedge a while ago, but got back to it and saw some nice improvements and features, which we haven’t seen in other enterprise SEO software tools:

1. Customizable dashboard – Overall SEO health

Brightedge dashboard

The dashboard of Brightedge is completely flexible and allows different reports  to business functions e.g. executive report vs. SEO analyst report.

Events tracking shows specific events, that have been implemented to a project. Competitor analysis and history data.

Another nice feature is dashoard scheduling in a report. This allows quick email reporting to clients or internal stakeholders.

2. Keywords tracking

The keyword tab also shows some powerful data: Page 1-3 Stacked report, average keyword rank, Keywords Rank page 1 & 2, Universal Search Results, Liks & Shares and Rank Report, Tweets and Rank report, Twitter Keyword Volume report,  +1 and Rank report.

What is also interesting is the keyword group reporting where you can track history of the group and compare for example this week vs. last week.  On top filtering is easily possible.

3. Backlinks tracking

It seems that the backlinks tracking is mostly powered by Majestic SEO and Google. Nothing specific to mention here.

4. Coverage Performance report

Total number of indexed pages, indexed pages compared to competitors (also over time and trended),

 5. Actionable Keyword Recommendations

Top 25 keywords to focus on, Social strategies, onpage strategies and offpage linking recommendations. Also great is the capability to assign these tasks to people within the system.

6. Actionable Page recommendations

This is a page manager, which helps where the onpage opportunities are. Again here the top 25 searches to focus on, which shows you pages, which have the best opportunity to gain traffic. Great feature is also the keyword prioritizer. This allows a user to prioritize the keywords to focus on. Again here the page manager allows to assign tasks to different stakeholders.

Also recommendations can be compared to the top 10 results in Google, meaning if your Title tag is off you can get some ideas from the top pages ranking for that term.

The linkbuilding recommendations looked also like a good idea, but not sure if it is worth the effort to use a tool, which bases BL on third party vendors.

Compare your social signals to top 10 ranks is also an amazing feature.

7. Social Signals recommendation engine

Comparing the likes on a specific page of your project vs. the median of the top 10 ranking pages seems to be a great idea and we really like the feature since it its something no other SEO platform has been focusing on.

What’s also great is that the user of Brightedge can assign social signals tasks to the social team of a company and then produce direct results.

8. The facebook fan page setup is also very slick and allows a full analysis of FB fan page stuff.

9. Tasks and Workflow

Personally I think this is the killer feature of Brightedge. It allows the user to assign tasks per keyword, group of keywords, per page or entire site. Collaboration is something no other enterprise solution takes care of. Especially not in a smart way.

Brightedge workflow

10. SEO performance manager

This part looked like SEMRUSH data of organic rankings per domain, but I haven’t verified it. Even if it is third party data  this is pretty interesting since this allows users to add keywords to their tracking and analysis it right in the system. Overall I prefer having a good tool integrating good data from other vendors than wasting time building everything in house (same for backlinks data!).

Top organic pages of competitors is another great idea, which is nice. This way you can piggyback on your competitors success by also going after their backlinks or just copying their onpage strategy.

11. The SEO X-ray competitive analysis pretty much gives you some visibility scoring for your domain. Definitely interesting approach, but hard to read in my case.

12. Keyword Discovery

I’ve been looking all of the keyword discovery tools and I am never happy abou tit. I think Brightedge has a good approach to it

13. Share of Voice report

First I thought that we are getting into social media monitoring and sentiment analysis, which is something most tools missed out over the years. However this is different: The Brighedge share of voice report takes the keyword groups and monitors them against competiton and tells the user, who took the lion share of search traffic. What’s also great it shows how the competitors pages drill down, the backlinks and the onpage differences to your own project



To summarize it I’ve got a completely different opinion about Brightedge than I had before. It’s a powerful tool with a lot of collaboration tools plugged in. Waht always bothered me with most tools is the fact that they are used solely for reporting purposes and less for actually getting the job done. With my first testing projects this has changed and I see their unique approach in the enterprise space very refreshing. I also give them the kudos for integrating third party vendords data rather than re-inventing the wheel in a bad way.




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I am not sure what this is all about, but pretty bold move from Raven to drop a Ranking tracking tool and all SEMRUSH data for the Google bidding tool (which other vendors provide):

It is maybe a Raven specific issue, but what has our industry come to if a search engines pretty much pushes SEO tool vendors to exclude third-party data for their own advantage?

Also wondering if this has some implications for enterprise SEO tools? If you want to offer API access to Google Analytics, will you now be forced to stop scraping search engine data? It would be a huge blow for Conductor and Co.! Huge blow for the SEO industry!

Also FYI: If you are looking to find a new & very affordable SERP tracking solution….use Couponcode “seosoftware2012”  (15%) and head over to Authoritylabs.

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Secockpit, which is fairly unknown in the market keeps pushing out new features for their keyword tool.

New features include:

1. Improved Keyword Export
Exporting now available in different XLS formats plus Excel XML. On top SEcockpit now allows users to export large keyword databases by creating a download feature, which is a nice workaround for all known Excel limitations.

2. Ranktracker
The Secockpit Ranktracker not only works with multiple engines, but also now color codes existing rankings from previous weeks


3. Improved tracking
Users now can change wether they want to track the entire domain, a subdomain, rootdomain and subdomains or just a folder of your domain. “Folder tracking” should be a great feature since it allows the user to track a youtube video, which is something most SEO software vendors don’t support:


4.Local SEO Keyword Tracking
The biggest news from SECockpit is however the ability to track local SEO. A few people have tried this and it comes with great difficulty since it’ll requires some IP masking on the tool end, but it seems that they are the first one that have this nailed down.
What is especially great is the fact, that this works across countries and cities. As a user you are now able to track the ranking of keyword in different areas:

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Usually visibility graphs were only part of enterprise SEO software platforms such as Searchmetrics or Sistrix. However, SEMRush always had the position tracking graph laying around, but never really turned it into a major product feature. Now it seems they’ve changed their mind and we believe this will be an amazing new upgrade since SEMRUsh compared to other vendors collects a lot of great data over a long period of time.
Semrush position tracking

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Many people find keeping up with even one blog to be a challenge, but managing multiple WordPress blogs can be time-consuming and difficult. Taking care of a WordPress blog involves more than just updating material; security, themes, updates, and other such technical aspects of blog care also must be addressed.

Fortunately, offers an easy and affordable WordPress blog-managing service that helps bloggers maintain upgrades, plugins, themes, and updates with the push of a few buttons. Those who keep multiple personal and business blogs—or who are responsible for taking care of different people’s WordPress blogs—should consider taking advantage of this simple and easy solution that is structurally based off of WordPress itself. Since the interface is based on WordPress, those who are already familiar with the inner workings of this blogging platform will already know a lot about navigating and utilizing ManageWP.

One great feature of ManageWP is that it allows users to log into all of their WordPress blogs at once. ManageWP users will no longer have to try to remember and employ all of their passwords in order to access their blogs. Upgrades are also uniform, meaning that ManageWP customers will not have to individually upgrade each blog. This service also allows its users to post material on multiple blogs from one location and to moderate the comments section of all blogs from the same location. ManageWP also monitors the SEO fitness of all blogs, evaluating the blogger’s search engine effectiveness. With this service, bloggers will be able to determine whether or not each of their blogs contains the right words that will allow the entries to appear in search results.

ManageWP Tour from ManageWP on Vimeo.

Launching a new WordPress blog is also incredibly easy because ManageWP’s dashboard allows users to clone the formatting and themes of existing sites in an instant. Across the board, the characteristic of ManageWP that most customers value the most is its streamlined nature that eliminates those wasted minutes and hours spent changing and updating each blog.
Few people have written anything bad about ManageWP, and many of their concerns are relatively minor and unproven. Some people worry about security, but ManageWP secures all of their clients’ information by way of a 128 bit encrypted plugin installed on the individual blog sites. Some say that the price is too steep, while others say that the price is comparatively low. As with all subjects of price, only the buyer can decide what services are worth what price. Some say that ManageWP has too many features that the customer may not use; once again, that decision must be up to the customer. A few people have criticized the feature that allows users to update all of their blog themes at once since many users have different themes for each blog, but this is another relatively minor complaint. Besides, potential customers can take advantage of ManageWP’s free demo and decide some of these potential problems themselves.

Most reviewers give ManageWP four or five stars, citing its ease of use and relatively low cost. Those who have reviewed this service also like the dashboard that allows them to manage all of their WordPress blogs’ plugins, updates, upgrades, themes, etc. from one place. Customers can also manage complete blog backups using such popular backup services as DropBox, FTP, Amazon, and email. Price is dictated by the number of blogs a person will be managing with the service; customers like the option of buying multiple years of service at a discounted price. Another positive feature is the demo page on the ManageWP website, which allows users to try their service for free. Potential customers who want the full ManageWP experience can run up to a maximum of five personal and non profit blogs for free. WordPress bloggers and blog runners should consider using ManageWP because it is easy to use and averages between a four and five star rating.

If you do WordPress SEO, managewp is a great way to start. Free trial here.

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There is perhaps no greater tool for promoting a website and ensuring its success than great search engine optimization. With great SEO, websites can position themselves at or near the top in Google search engine results, as well as in the results at other major search engines like Bing and Yahoo. But, while this approach remains one of the best ways to promote a website, it also remains one of the most confusing and the least understood. Many website owners either give up on search engine optimization entirely, or never implement it in a way that will make a real difference in their website’s rankings. To help them in their pursuit of better search engine performance, RioSEO has developed automation tools that help to complete the job on the administrator’s behalf.











The Good

– Automated tools optimize every thing from image and meta tags to website content
– Advanced functionalities for E-commerce /E-retailers
– No ongoing maintenance required
– International languages supported
– Training available to website administrators to help enhance SEO knowledge
– Broad support for local, global, and mobile SEO implementation

The Bad

– International support is growing, but currently a bit limited,

Review and Rating of

Search engine optimization has always maintained a little bit of mystique, even among the most seasoned web developers around the world. Luckily, RioSEO has been devised to demystify good search engine optimization and actually automate the implementation of good techniques across the board.

A Broad Focus on Multiple Avenues for Search

One of the things that sets RioSEO apart from many other search engine optimization solutions is that it actively focuses on all three major areas of optimization. That means going beyond the standard, global Google search and reaching customers via local search and mobile device results. Both of those areas are rapidly growing, spurred by development on sites like Foursquare, Facebook, Google+, and others. And, with mobile search engine optimization, website administrators can make sure that their sites are being seen even by those on the go.








Best of all, RioSEO maintains three separate optimization utilities for automating each area of search. This is actually a very important and impressive feature. When all three are combined into just one utility, it can be easy to “cross-optimize,” placing mobile optimizations into a desktop website and targeting local search users where more international users should be targeted.

The easy optimization of all three avenues, alongside the split optimization utilities, is a great way to help websites improve their footing with Google and other major search engines.

No Ongoing Maintenance Means Administrators Can Focus Their Energies Elsewhere








RioSEO isn’t the only search engine optimization tool that can completely automate the optimization process. It is, however, probably the best one on the market. And it all boils down to exactly how RioSEO handles ongoing search maintenance. Many of the automation utilities that directly compete with RioSEO simply examine a website, make recommendations or changes, and then instruct the user to keep up with good search engine optimization on their own. That’s not a winning strategy in many cases.

RioSEO is different, and requires no ongoing maintenance on behalf of the website’s administrators or authors. Instead, the software itself engages in the ongoing maintenance and saves everyone a little bit of time. In a world that seems to be short on time, this is a big feature and one that really separates RioSEO from the competition.

Bulk Upload or Manual Upload, Manual Approval or Automated Approval

RioSEO is all about automation, but it’s also about giving final control to website administrators when choosing whether to embrace or discard SEO-driven changes. For this reason, RioSEO allows for a page-by-page upload of every page that has been modified for better SEO. It can optionally be set to simply upload all of those changes in a bulk manner, leaving approval out of the administrator’s hands. Both functions serve a good purpose, contributing either to deliberate review of modifications or quick and efficient changes to massive amounts of documents.

Changes to pieces of content can be manually approved, as well, or the software can be set to make automated changes to content on an ongoing basis in order to improve its SEO-friendly characteristics. Again, this can be set by the administrator to coincide with their overall goals: deliberate changes or quick, automated results.

A Great Way to Catch Up in SEO

RioSEO’s automated nature, and the three-pronged approach to search engine optimization employed by its utilities, is a great way for websites new to SEO to catch up. Quick results, excellent strategies, and effortless ongoing maintenance provide website owners with great results in a short amount of time, increasing value while easing peace of mind.

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Popular Backlinks analytics tool MajesticSeo just announced more features to their tool:

New & lost links API

Ever wanted to make sure to reach out immediately after losing a links? Use Majestics New / Lost link API








Anchor text API

For popular keyword, this command tells Majestic users how many times they have seen this keyword in URLS, Anchor text or Titles on the web

Majestic also enhanced their Getlinkdata , Getnewlostbacklinks and GetnewlostbacklinksCalendar API.




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So the Raven guys have integrated their link manager even deeper into their tool: They not only integrated various SEO metrics, but also integrated full link tracking and CRM management.

Again Raven shows that their tool is actually a tool to work with and not just software where you pull data from.

That probably explains why it is one of the most popular SEO software products out there.

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The Screamingfrog SEO Spider Tool is an interesting new SEO tool that enables you to check out your website as it would be seen through the eyes of a search engine spider. While this can help you build up your site, is it really worth downloading and using, or is it another useless SEO tool in the sea of so many other similar programs? Read on and find out.

The Good
The Screamingfrog SEO Spider Tool is a free program unless you want to pay for the developer’s license or the extended version. While the free version does have some limitations, it should be strong enough for small to medium websites, and it lets you try out the program for as long as you like before buying it.

Overwhelmingly, most SEO tools only work on Windows, leaving very few tools for Mac users. Screamingfrog breaks this mold by making their SEO Spider Tool available for both Windows and Mac.

When tested, this software is able to find backlinks and sections of a website that are typically very hard to find for other comparable tools, and it does not take too long to load all the elements of a website. Not only that, but the information loaded seemed rather accurate.

After loading all of the elements of a website, you are able to mix and match elements and then export them into an Excel document for further viewing or analyzing. Not only that, but the information this tool can dig up is very exhaustive, so even experienced SEO auditors should be able to make use of this program.

The Bad
While loading speeds are pretty good, large pages do take a long time to load. If you need a fast program, this may not satisfy your needs as you may have to wait an hour for very large websites to properly finish.

The information presented is not very newbie-friendly. Thankfully it comes with a user guide to help teach you how to use the information, but even still people new to SEO may find this program confusing.

Most SEO tools report on backlink numbers, PaegRank and other similar factors. This program shows the amount of backlinks goes to a website, but it does not show you the total number; they are just laid out in a large list. PageRank and other similar factors do not show up, so this tool may not be useful for people outside of auditing a website for search engine crawling issues. Otherwise there is not really anything bad about this free SEO Software.

Review and Rating
This program gets a 4/5, even though most new SEO people will not get much use out of it. Unlike so many other free programs, this one offers very powerful features, and it has both Mac and Windows support, a rarity among SEO programs.

What really pushes the rating up so high is the breadth of information this program can dig up. Very few similar programs can dig up so much accurate information, making this program well suited for SEO auditors and anyone seeking out crawling issues.

While there are a few problems with how the program works, it is still a very good program. Give it a try, just be sure you read the user manual first so you don’t get confused by the presented information.

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Making a living in today’s business is a tough challenge, with competing businesses all around. Thus, having the right tools for marketing is crucial if one is to succeed. And fortunately, there are a number of these things out there. It is just a matter of knowing what they are, and which ones to use for a particular purpose. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is one, but it will not be discussed here. Instead, we will look at a number of others. Many of these— and more— are described in detail on,, and

Graphic and logo design— Making an attractive- looking logo is a very important part of attracting potential customers and establishing one’s corporate image. A business like Avernation can design a competitive- looking logo at an affordable price, and deliver it on time. They can also design things like headers and ban advertisements.

Social media optimization (SMO or Social SEO) is a method of attracting “unique” visitors to a website, by such methods as user rating, conducting polls, blogging, and putting in videos and images. SMO must be incorporated by every business into its online business plan. It can help establish relations with customers, both present and future, through Facebook, Twitter, and blogs.

Pay per click (PPC) is when an advertising company charges a fee to the company being advertised, whenever somebody clicks on their advertisements. Both Google and Yahoo! provide such services, and they are among the largest.

A company that makes use of PPC advertising may need to hire a PPC management company; such a company can help in guarding against that unfair— and illegal— activity which companies engage in to make money off their competitors: CLICK FRAUD, also known as PCP fraud. Click fraud is when one clicks on the pay per click ads of a competing company, thus forcing them to pay for each of those those clicks without being properly reimbursed for it. A PPC management business can install software that records the IP addresses of the computer from which each click on each advertisement is made, and alert the client if more than three clicks come from that address on the same day. They can then have Google send the client a refund for the money lost.

Revenue performance management (RPM) is a method of analyzing what draws customers to one’s business versus what distracts them and draws them to the competition.

All these tools— and more— are invaluable for gathering the information that you need in order to establish an effective business plan. They can help you remain one step ahead of the competition.

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